Viral And Fantastic! Youtuber Ria Ricis Indonesia Earned US $105.447 A Month

Selebgram Ria Yunita or better known by the name of Ria Ricis is famous for her hilarious photos and videos on instagram.

Oki Setiana Dewi's second brother, Ria Ricis, is known as a seleb who has millions of followers.

Almost all the content of Ricis post contains a funny video that must make netizens laugh.

Since the famous as a programmable, Ria now often appear on the screen as a guest star and presenter.

In addition to exist in the entertainment world, Ria also spread its wings as a Youtuber.

Even Ria touted as one of the most expensive YouTuber paid!

YouTube channel Ria Ricis or Ricis Official made since 2016 January, the channel immediately soared rapidly.

Beginning with being a programmable, Ria consistently uploaded this funny video across YouTube.

The result? Now diasudah get 2.560.596 subscribers and hundreds of millions of viewers.

The estimated monthly earnings that Ria gets are called US $6567  to US $105.447

Although now successful and have high income, Ria admitted willing to set aside earnings for his parents, because he realized success is perceived now can not be separated from the support and prayers of his father and mother.

Although rich in the age of still young at 22 years, the girl born in Batam is always appear simple.

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