Specifications Price New Ferrari 458 Spider

Specifications New Ferrari 458 Spider. Ferrari is the most prestigious name among sports car manufacturers. Ferrari 458 engined-engine was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009 where the car is gaining tremendous appreciation and supports the manufacturer to make it in production version. The vehicle and then replace Ferrari 430 with a more compelling configuration and appearance.

Ferrari 458 is available in two variants - 458 Italia and 458 Spider where the Ferrari 458 Spider is a retractable hardtop convertible version. With its super-sophisticated design and state-of-the-art technology, Spider offers an open air experience for those who love the wind whilst driving with Ferrari's exhilarating screams. On the mechanical part, 458 Spider is completely equal to 458 Italians. Spiders are created by inspiration for the concept car of Millechilli and Enzo Ferrari. The Ferrari 458 Spider design delivers world-class aesthetic efficiency.

Specifications New Ferrari 458 Spider

Complete Specs Ferrari 458 Spider

Interior & Features

The Specs Ferrari 458 Spider cabin offers the best materials and work, which satisfies the expectations of its customers. The company refines the various features and devices needed for the cars in this class. Premium leather seats display the impression of luxury and comfort when driving. The addition of luxurious leather is also visible on the steering wheel which enhances the luxurious impression of the entire cabin area.

Specifications New Ferrari 458 Spider

The carbon fiber seats are designed in such a way as to not only provide support but also offer the best in class comfort to passengers in addition to reducing the overall weight of the car. Dashboard and chair frame made of the best quality fiber materials. All controls and devices are pinned on the steering wheel for the convenience of the rider. This car, however, does not offer tremendous luggage capacity, but there is an ample area behind the seats where motorists can put small bags for a weekend getaway.


Specifications New Ferrari 458 Spider

Ferrari 458 Spider offers a dazzling interior with dimensions of 4527 mm x 1973mm x 1973 mm (P X L X T). The very futuristic styling of this new Ferrari car is adorned with luxury with sporty elements and comfort. The aggressiveness of this car's styling is seen on a flat undertray with no aero feature to put more tension when compared to the current version of Ferrari 430, as well as offering a better quality of aerodynamics.

Specifications New Ferrari 458 Spider

The efficiency of this Ferrari monster is driven by moving the airflow for engine cooling power coming from the rear flank of the car down to the undertray. The Enzo touch wing winds on an Italian car directs the air upward to reduce the tug at high speed. In addition, the metallic exterior on the car gives a shiny and flawless effect that looks like "one in a million" on the highway. The roof line of the Spider leads down towards the bumper for a fused impression. The rear of the car looks challenging and dangerous with the roofline dropping smoothly towards the rear.

Fuel Machine & Consumption

The Ferrari 458 Spider holds a powerful 4.5-liter engine. Configuration of Direct Injection V8 engine Dry Sump improves efficiency so as to produce peak output power of 562 hp at 9000 rpm with the same amazing torque up to 540 Nm at 6000 rpm. The same efficiency is also reflected in acceleration and lifting. The vehicle can be driven from nil to 100 kmpj in just 3.4 seconds while reaching a top speed of 320 kmpj. In addition to showing good numbers in the acceleration and lifting segments, the same thing is seen in fuel consumption with an average combination of 13.3 liters per 100 kms.


In terms of energy and prowess, the Ferrari 458 Spider is only one or two levels below the Formula 1 car. Keep this fact in mind, Ferrari has equipped the Spider with the latest and best-in-class safety aspects with a braking system that keeps the car safe. The car body is resistant to impact. The cockpit of this car has two airbags with a digital pressure meter, which helps monitor tire pressure. For the sake of braking effectiveness, Spider gets dual brake hydraulic circuit and vacuum brake booster. In addition, this car has a superior caliper brake and a monotube damper for optimum safety.

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Ferrari 458 Spider is a perfect example of elegance and beauty. This car presents exemplary performance and fine control. With a perfect balance and styling captivating, this beautiful beauty offers an amazing overall performance and luxurious feel. However, all this comes with the cost and the actual price on the highway that does not look affordable at all.

Price New Ferrari 458 Spider 2018 :US $57.777

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