Specifications And Price Ferrari California T

Specifications And Price Ferrari California T. The latest convertibles from Ferrari, California T (Wikipedia), comes with 1 variant. The highest variant comes with Petrol 3855 cc engine, which is capable of producing power up to 553 hp and peak torque of 755 Nm. California T 90 ° V8 with direct fuel injection with 2- also equipped with 7-speed transmission Automatic. Security system provided with Anti Device Thief & Car Alarms.

Specifications And Price Ferrari California T

Specifications And Price Ferrari California T. Ferrari is known worldwide for its ability to produce innate car racing genes. California, the largest touring sports car, is another tantalizing innovation of the Italian brand. The car was first introduced in 2008 at the Paris Motor Show and is the beginning of the new concept of Maserati. Ferrari California may be the most detailed innovation of Ferrari, which is the first Ferrari car to equip V8 engine and dual clutch gears. Over the years, the car has gained tremendous public acceptance in terms of elegance, sportiness, flexibility, and individual character that distinguishes every California model since the 1950s.

Specifications Ferrari California T

Interior & Features

The interior of Ferrari California T sparked adrenaline as perceived from the engine. The cockpit resembles a fighter jet with the rotation of the air vents behind the steering wheel. Each and every feature in California hints of the Prancing House trademark and multi-purpose steering wheel with the distinctive F1 design presented to you in an elegant design. In panel instruments, there is a Turbo Performance Engineer (TPE) which is a touch screen panel that provides a variety of relevant information. The car is also equipped with a very intuitive entertainment system, which serves as an interface for navigation and audio control. The boot space available in this car does not disappoint, with a capacity of 340 liters.


Just one look, you will fall in love with the overall aesthetics of this car. This latest California is believed to be a sophisticated horse ride with exquisite exterior design. The elegant wing shape is imbued from the famous pontoon fender, Testa Rossa, which makes this car more attractive. The front wing line that flows toward the rear brings aerodynamic beauty to the car. The main lights are divided into two different characteristics that serve to discharge the hot water from V8. The overall dimension of this Ferrari California T is 4570 mm x 1910 mm x 1320 mm (P x L x T) and the wheelbase distance of 2,670 mm deserves thumbs up. The car is equipped with 19-inch alloy wheels and 20 inches (optional) that looks dynamic even when the car is in a stationary position.

Fuel Machine & Consumption

Ferrari California T Engine
Ferrari California T Engine

Ferrari is famous for its powerful engines that can cross objects in just a blink of an eye. With a powerful V8 engine, the driver can feel the moment of joy and sensation offered by this car. The 3.8-liter V8 single engine embedded in the car can spout a maximum power of 560 CV at 7500 rpm, combined with a large torque of 755 Nm at 4750 rpm. With California, the distance is much closer. Just tap the gas pedal, you can feel the speed hidden in this car. California reaches 0-100 km / h in just 3.6 seconds and can penetrate a top speed of 315 kmpj that meets the expectations of a Ferrari. Regarding fuel efficiency, California does not disappoint and offers 9.5 kmpl mileage.


This Italian car maker never messes around in terms of security for the driver with high power and performance. The double wishbone suspension on the front is coupled with a multilink arrangement on the back that offers you top grade handling. All wheels are equipped with strong ventilated disc brakes. Anti-lock Braking System with Electronic Brake Force Distribution and braking assistance provide excellent adhesion to the car even on rough terrain. To optimize safety, the driver is equipped with front and side airbags. Revolutionary Magnaride dampers work in harmony with accelerometer body movement to reduce coefficient of rotation and improve handling.

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If you're looking for a fast, open top, and reliable engine combined with the latest entertainment and safety features and released for the racecourse, Ferrari California is the right choice.

Price Ferrari California T : US $325.925

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