Price Specifications And Features Honda HRV

Price Specifications And Features Honda HRV. Honda HR-V is a mini SUV / Crossover designed and developed by a Japanese manufacturer, Honda. The manufacturer introduced the HR-V for the global market in 2014, which was launched in the Japanese market under the name Honda Vezel. A year later this car is present in the Indonesian automotive market.

HR-V stands for Hi-rider Revolutionary Vehicle, which is equipped with various advantages typical of Honda. In Indonesia, this car comes with two engine options are 1.5 liter and 1.8 liter, which is equipped with i-VTEC technology.

Honda HRV

Initially, there were only four variants of HR-V marketed: 1.5 S M / T, 1.5 S CVT, 1.5 E CVT, and 1.8 Prestige. But over time, the variant developed because HR-V and get variants 1.5 E CVT Special Edition w / JBL Audio, there is also 1.5 E CVT Mugen, and 1.8 Mugen.

The machine that comes behind the rounded snout is also familiar in this country. L15, the mechanical heart that carried HR-V 1.5 is also used by Honda Jazz, City, Mobilio, BR-V, and Honda Civic Turbo. The latter was of course turbocharged and made to be in a different class.

Then the 1.8 liter engine used is also not new \ 'stuff \'. This machine is ever present in Honda Civic eighth and ninth generation. Not without reason Honda chose the machines. Both are machines that are known and ease of maintenance, plus reliable and no need to worry about spare parts.

Air conditioning device car

Glass the roof of the car

The interior is designed with a modern touch and has a fairly good ergonomic value. The layout of the air-conditioning vents might come up with the thought of 'this sounds like a cold,' but it did not. Sophisticated features come in handy like touch buttons for air conditioning, multimedia systems, and do not forget, a practical back seat arrangement to create multiple configurations.

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If money is not a problem, the top variant with the most expensive price is worth choosing. In the case of HR-V is HR-V 1.8L Mugen with banderol US $29851. The addition of body kit on the Mugen variant, making the HR-V look more solid contains, and some say it's sporty. However, of course that is not everyone's taste. Moreover, the price differentiation with Prestige variants reached US $1852. 

Specifications And Features Honda HRV


Honda HR-V can be said to be a new trendsetter in the mini crossover class, which was previously broken by Nissan Juke. The design is able to combine the impression of dynamic and sporty, which are both important factors for those who are young at heart.

Without a big name Honda, we believe this car will have its own appeal thanks to this form factor. Dimensions are quite fitting to drive in city density with dimensions of 4294mm x 1772mm x 1580mm (P x L x T) with a wheelbase along the 2610 mm.

His face carries the latest Honda design language titled Solid Wing Face, with a large grille with a firm design and dashing, like an SUV. Throughout his body, the body's minimal design corner makes it look dynamic. But the design line is shown with a firm, as if showing the power of SUVs it has. 

Exterior completeness certainly depends on which model you choose. What is clear all the models equipped with fog lamp and electric mirror with affixed light sein. The main light with LED technology with projector is on the 1.8-liter engine variant, while the bottom is equipped with Halogen.

Fuel Machine & Consumption

Performance of both machines are deserved thumbs up. HR-V with 1.5-liter engine feels quite agile in the density of the city, and convinced when driving on the highway. This 4-cylinder engine is capable of producing 120 PS at 6,600 rpm.

Consumption of fuel too, although not as efficient as Jazz, but still be proud. We had time to try it for a trip out of town, and the number 17 km / liter is not a difficult thing to achieve. While in the city, fuel consumption can reach 14 km / liter.

Different sensations come from a 1.8-liter engine variant. Body compact and powered engine of 139 PS at 6,500 rpm rotation. Not to mention the torque that reached 169 Nm at 4,300 rpm. Combine that with a weight of only 1.3 tons. The result is a violent crossover when dodging in the city, or when running fast on the streets outside the city.

Both engines are paired with a CVT transmission that will deliver power to the front wheels. The CVT is also designed with Earth Dreams technology, to deliver power precisely, while making fuel consumption more efficient. It feels different from other CVT. But on the 1.5-liter engine variant, feels a bit boring, and should be \ 'lured \' using the manual mode to feel more sporty.


As a Honda product, this car is equipped with many safety features. And already the provisions of Honda Japan, that every product must have a tough security system.

Therefore, do not be surprised if this car (all variants) has a braking feature with ABS, EBD, and BA as a standard. Both front and rear brakes are already utilizing discs to stop its speed.

One of the interesting is the presence of Brake Overide system, where when the driver intentionally / accidentally step on the brake and gas pedal at the same time, then automatically HR-V will brake and disconnect the drive signal by wire accelerator.

When we tried the HR-V brake some time ago, the ability of \ 'stoping it \' is unquestionable. But the effect of a high car is quite pronounced, where HR-V feels swooping. But it is certainly quite reasonable. After all its control during hard braking is still reliable thanks to these features.

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Honda HRV price specification of each variant is very pantastic of the type 1.5L S MT US $20148, 1.5L S CVT MT US $20148, 1.5L E CVT MT US $22666, 1.8L PRESTIGE CVT MT US $27925.

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