Price And Specifications New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Price And Specifications New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport has many feature advantages when compared with its ancient competitor, Toyota Fortuner. Moreover, the version that has been assembled locally, the difference in both features increasingly significant. Pajero Sport has many features that Fortuner does not have. Call the washer lamp, sunroof, 8-speed automatic transmission, Forward Collision Mitigation System and electric parking brake. But the Toyota brand is still stronger, can be seen from the sale of a larger Fortuner.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is also known as the Mitsubishi Challenger in several automotive markets. This vehicle was first introduced in 1996 and has been present for two decades enliven the world automotive sector. This medium-sized Japanese SUV has indeed been calculated as a tough competitor in its segment.

Price And Specifications New Pajero Sport

All New Pajero Sport will decorate the streets in early 2016 with a facelift and some updating features and engines. New Pajero Sport will be available in 2WD and 4WD order with a 2.4-liter MIVEC turbocharge diesel engine. This car ignition substance is capable of spraying power of 181 PS and maximum torque that beats with the power of 430 Nm. To make the engine more efficient, this car is also combined with 8-speed automatic transmission.

The latest Pajero Sport is showing off its aerodynamic structure with a variety of features that can provide comfort for all passengers when having to travel remotely.

You will feel an enchanting aura on the front, with a masculine body curve. Rooftop lines made of chrome, beautiful fenders, and the pillars of the dark side, all add to the dynamic charm of this vehicle. Shifting into the vehicle, you will find more luxury.

The dynamic aura is not only limited to the exterior, but can also be found in the luxury elements embedded in the cabin, so as to provide a thrilling sensation of the soul. Wrap quality materials, customizable 8-way front seats, automatic air conditioning system and gear shift levers, and more.

It also offers speed control, additional cabin storage and a sophisticated entertainment system with 7-inch touch screen and 8 loudspeakers. The steering of this vehicle can also operate the sound system to make it easier for the driver.

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Security aspects for passengers and vehicles are also not compromised in this car. The SUV is equipped with at least 2 airbags in front and a safety belt with pre-tensioner. And finally, available distance-retreating signal with rear camera, immobilizer, and anti-theft alarm system. To ensure stability and stability, this Mitsubishi vehicle also embed the Electronic Brake Distribution Controller, Active Stabilization Traction Control, and Anti-Locked Braking System.

The adjustable angle steering column, RISE safety elements and customizable stamps, are part of a feature line that gives you peace of mind and safety assurance.

Specs Pajero Sport

Distance and Fuel Savings

New Pajero Sport with seven-seat is estimated to penetrate the distance as far as 7.5-liter / 100km on the city streets or 11.0-liter / 100km on the highway, and averaging about 9.5-liters / 100 km in standard roads. Overall, the efficiency of this car ignition substation is quite tolerable for bongsor car this dynamic.


All New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is speculated to be equipped with a 2.4-liter MIVEC diesel ignition substation. This machine is already offered on Mitsubishi L200 vehicles are popular and expected to provide the same efficiency in terms of power and performance.

Maximum power of this machine is evidenced by bursts of power of 181 PS and maximum torque of 430 Nm. While 8-speed automatic transmission combined in its engine to improve efficiency and comfort.

Acceleration & Runway

The latest Mitsubishi Pajero Sport will be refined with a 2.4-liter turbo diesel engine and you can feel the acceleration and power of the race. Not yet announced how much power, but refers to some other features, this segment certainly will not disappoint you.


The sturdy look that you can find when you see the latest Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is the first time the front grille is split into two parts with a line thin. The top grille is designed with a thin chrome plates and a large Mitsubishi emblem in the middle. The big lights are served with lines bold and large alternating styles to deliver better air intake and ensure better efficiency.

fog Blights



This aerodynamic vehicle also has a beautiful arch on the hat and sides, adding to the dynamic impression that it wants to find. In addition, you can too found a sturdy fender and high intersection so that it can hit the steep terrain comfortably. The pillars of its darker side and roof rails with chrome touch is part of a row of features that adds a dynamic aura to the exterior of this SUV. To facilitate the exit and entry, available stamping in every side of Pajero Sport.

Exterior Measurement

All New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is equipped with dimensions that can provide comfort for the passengers, as well as beautify this SUV. Dimensions of the vehicle this is estimated at 4785 mm x 1815 mm x 1805 mm (P x L x T) for the 4WD type and for the 2WD type it will be slightly shorter, at 4785 mm x 1815 mm x 1800 mm (P X L x T), with a wheel base distance of 2800 mm. The length of this vehicle has been updated as much as 90 mm, and shortened 35 mm, while the width and distance of the base the wheels are still the same compared to its predecessor. The height of the ground has also been added 13 mm to 218 mm to make it an explorer off-road true.


Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2016 cabin area crammed with various aspects to lure consumers. This SUV is wrapped with a cream / black trim interior complement the beauty of other features in this sturdy vehicle. For the comfort of the chair, the front seats are equipped with an 8-way setting facility.


Gear shifter

Consol central front


As for the steering column, also adjustable height to provide comfort for the driver. Do not stop here, comfort can also be obtained from the speed control and the gear lever.

This SUV has a spacious cabin for all passengers to carry large suitcases. In addition to these features, automatic air conditioning is available with air vents in all three rows. As reported by the company, the dashboard will be designed similar to Mitsubishi L200, with trim captivating, sophisticated materials & equipment, and a lower center console than the previous version.

Comfort Interior

Convenience for all passengers is a priority when designing this ferocious machine, and in fact this car is packed with features capable of ensuring the safety and comfort of your drive at any time. This SUV has automatic air conditioning with functioning air vents controlling cabin temperature.

In addition, the multi-function steering wheel is also embedded with voice controls that allow you to control the sound system while hold the wheel. Some storage areas in the cabin are also provided in this vehicle so you can pack the excess of your suitcase in the cabin without being seen messy.

In addition to this, you can also find electrical sockets for passengers charging their electronic equipment during travel.

Interior Dimensions

The latest Pajero Sport Mitsubishi output comes with a fairly high wheelbase spacing and sufficient height to provide comfort for the headroom feet of all passengers. This 7-seat SUV has a 1050-liter luggage capacity when the third row seats are folded. This trunk area can be enlarged by folding a second row bench, depending on your needs.

Machinery and Performance


Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2016 is expected to slide with a 2.4-liter turbocharged MIVEC turbocharged engine. This machine is similar to the one used in the vehicle Mitsubishi's L200. Regarding the maximum power offered by this machine, capable of delivering power of 181 PS and maximum torque beats of 430 Nm.

This machine is integrated with 8-speed automatic transmission for better efficiency, smoothness and ride comfort.

Sound Settings and Accessories

In line with the convenience offered, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport also provides a sophisticated entertainment system. Its entertainment packages include AM / FM radio, CD player, USB, AUX, Bluetooth and iPod connection. With this system you can also choose the music you like by connecting it with your electronic equipment.

Complementing these features, there are 8 loudspeakers that are also pinned in several different SUV angles so it can sing the clear sound of the melodious song your collection. The 7-inch touch screen is also embedded in the center of the dash so you can steer the journey and never get lost. For entertainment for the people rear passenger, LED screen measuring 10.2-inch sleek embedded in the back seat.


Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is an SUV that is expected to provide stability and steady driving on the road smoothly or in steep terrain. To make it real this, the 18-inch circular wheel rim is fitted with a 265/70 R18 tire alloy. The perfect combination of these wheels not only gives you the freedom to adventure, but also complete the charm on the exterior appearance.

Braking and Maintenance

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport has an effective braking system that is able to ensure protection for passengers and vehicles. This adventurous vehicle embed the ventilated disc brakes on all four wheels, and be perfectly coordinated so you can experience effective braking. In addition, the SystemmAnti-Locked Braking (ABS) along with 4 sensors and 4-channels are also installed in this car.

With regard to the suspension system, a separate wishbone cable with coil spring and front suspension counter bar type and torsion branch connection is true provide assurance that this SUV can be piloted well in bad road conditions and with high speed.

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Safety and Security

For the safety sector, Mitsubishi vehicles are classified as very safe with support row features. Pajero Sport dibesut with a double SRS airbag capable protecting the front passengers from the impact force. In addition, you can also enable the distance signals for the back parking attached with the camera behind, so the driver can retreat just by looking at the image on the screen, which of course will make it easier for the driver to park this large vehicle with secure. To avoid Pajero Sport against theft, this car is also equipped with immobilizer and anti-theft alarm system. In addition, Traction Control Active Stability, Electronic Brake Distribution Controllers, and Anti-Locked Braking Systems are also added for this SUV in order to provide stability and full control for the driver. Other safety aspects of this Mitsubishi vehicle include adjustable steering columns, sounds and lights markers, RISE body safety and customizable foot stamping.

Color Pajero Sport

Pajero Sport is available in 7 different colors - White Pearl, Sterling Silver Metallic, Quartz White Pearl, Deep Bronze Metallic, Titanium Gray Metallic, Black Micaand Diamond Black Mica.

Excess Pajero Sport

  • New designs are more modern and attractive. 
  • Moderate and controversial changes.
  • The pillow is more soft.
  • New engine 4N15 (Dakar variant) whose strength is worth thumbs up
  • Interior relief, especially in the second row
  • Powerful and stylish interior full of dazzling style

The list price of a Pajero Sport

The price of each type
Pajero Sport Exceed 4x2 MTUS $33,732
Pajero Sport Exceed 4x2 ATUS $34,850
Pajero Sport GLX 4x4 MTUS $37,985
Pajero Sport Dakar 4x2 ATUS $38,059
Pajero Sport Dakar 4x2 Ultimate US $41,343
Pajero Sport Dakar 4x4 ATUS $49,253

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