AWD Movement Promotion, BMW M5 Print World Record

AWD Movement Promotion, BMW M5 Print World Record. The new generation BMW M5 coded F90, coming with many surprises. First, the power of 600 hp and 750 Nm of torque, although derived from the same V8 engine with M5 F10. Then no longer offered with manual transmission, just automatic only. Itupun now uses an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission that is used in 5-Series non-M, displacing 7-speed dual clutch gearbox SMG. And most interestingly, obviously the four wheel drive (AWD) for the first time on the M5.

The reason to adopt AWD drivers, leading to increased ability to cornering kebut racing in the circuit. Puritan bimmer fans, certainly skeptical M5 will lose the characteristics built since the E28 era. One of them, can no longer drifting, which is usually only done rear-wheel drive (RWD).

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Wait a minute, BMW is not that hasty. M5 can also be a RWD car because it has 2WD mode. Do not equate like a transfer case in SUV 4x4, this mode can be said as Drift mode, just like that done Mercedes-AMG with E63 S. So, M5 F90 can only rear driver only. And if the stability control is shut down completely, this gorgeous sedan is capable of turning into a shrewd drifter.

AWD Movement Promotion, BMW M5 Print World Record

That's what BMW wants to promote, as well as a world record-breaking agenda . There are two records recorded by the Guinness of World Records in the longest and longest drifting attempt in the world. To be sure, driver instructor Johan Schwartz, successfully drifting nonstop for 8 hours with a total distance of 374 km above the circular wet trajectory. This is the same distance from Jakarta-Bandung back and forth. Extraordinary!

Because for 8 hours M5 engine continues to work on high rotation, obviously the gasoline must be exhausted. In order not to stop, erupted refuel while walking. Which means tandemannya car should also drifting, not running as usual.

So, needed another car to balance the rhythm of drifting M5 F90. Is the BMW M5 F10 used drifting semepet possible with F90. Up to the closest position, Matt Mullins duty stuck gasoline nozzle into the modified gas tank in F90. Then created a second record, tandem drifting while charging gasoline.

It takes a fuel tank modification to quickly fill 68 liters of fuel in just 50 seconds. The rear seats are removed and new tanks stuffed in the trunk. Furthermore, a special tank line is attached to the left rear window glass.

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This record is not the first time for Johan Schwarts. In 2013, he made a drifting record with the M5 but only as far as 82 km. The record was broken by Toyota with GT86 driven by Jesse Adams in South Africa. Distance traveled 165.04 km in 5 hours 46 minutes.

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